Project Description

Blakaces is remarkable in the work of page optimization. We take measures which improve your position in search ranking. If our clients want to improve their performance we do that for them in a structured way. We optimize the structure and content of website, improve the meta description and the title tags. Our web developers look after every aspect of page optimization,

Server speed because we know that speeding up server response times is an important part of onpage optimization, source code because it leads towards improved website performance. IP addresses because blakaces make easier for you to locate the server from anywhere in the world. Content because we don’t only refer to visible on- screen elements like texts and images. We put efforts on alt-tags/meta information, graphics, structural text elements and videos. Blakaces also work on internal link and structure. Our team is extra ordinary in logical structure, crawl depth, internal linking, and canonization of page.


Blakaces have faith that major factor in web design today is usability. Blakaces is expert in mobile optimization by adapting a website’s desktop content so that it can easily access and viewed on mobile devices. Our page optimization is inexpensive and give you powerful marketing. Blakaces have permanent values, we provide you better conversion rate. Blakaces an increase your chances of organic traffic sources, we improve CTR, page speed, leverage long tail keywords. Our team helps you to increase viewers on your website. Our developers provide our clients better site experience, our optimization includes how search engine understand your pages, we provide keywords that help visitors to find what they want, we also provide unique title tags and meta descriptions that can improve click through rate of client’s business.