Project Description

Blakaces provide you attractive, innovative, unique CMS setups, which are composed of limitless design features. We improves your sites maintenance, makes your streamlines scheduling more easy, makes design changes simple for you, we help you to manage content , our CMS setups  allows multiple users and are quite easy for non- technical minds. Blakaces work to create and maintain and manage your digital content, we are incredible in this work. We work to make our client victorious in their business, so our CMS setups have an easy to use interface and powerful PHP and SQL back-end.  Our designs are extensible, fast and endlessly customizable. We work to improves our client collaboration and sharing, we provides instant content updates, our setups are user friendly, accessible from anywhere, quick and easy integration, and have user friendly features. Blakaces is phenomenal in building and deploying of websites. Blakaces have people who have capability to maintain and restructure content for you, search for text, as well as share documents, metadata, content and sites with external users or within a networked environment. Blakaces know that the CMS setups are the beating hearts of any organization digital presence.



Blakaces work in all areas of CMS setup like Component Content Management System (CCMS), Document Management System (DMS), Enterprise Content Management System (ECM), Web Content Management System (WCMS), Digital Asset Management System (DAM). Our client are always ready to make smart decision by investing in CMS setups to grow their business and gain market share. Instead of being reliant on an external vendor blakaces provide you those CMS setups which give you control, with ability to assign tasks and roles and to check progress at any time.