Project Description

Blakaces is remarkable in the zone of banner ad and interactive advertisement. Our goal is to make advertisements more effective, impactful and relevant. Blakaces intend to attract traffic to a website by linking to the website of the advertiser. We develop banner ad for you on World Wide Web. Blakaces have versatility in making of banner Ad. Our employees have ability to add rich media to your banner such as animations, slideshow and streaming media which leave a memorable impression on Web-page visitors. Blakaces build brand recognition of client by building eye catching banner ad for them, which generates immediate sales. Our design will provide you more visibility because banners by blakaces are the most visible and are noticed by customers instantly. Our animators and graphic designers are able to tell the world about your product through catchy graphics and animation. Our service of advertising is cost effective, fast and easy. Our banner ads are simple to install, flexible in all types and have ability to target specific segment of people.


Blakaces deals with every region of banner ad such as banner exchange, pay publishers and pay a banner network. We are tremendously doing our job making our clients happy by making banner ads for them. Our work is well known all over the Pakistan. We are the first choice for banner Ad. Because our banner make difference in your business. We provide long term and flexible solutions to our clients we increase and expand their business. Our banners have the beauty to maintain the campaigns for long period. We know that consistent and repetitive nature reinforces the brand name of our client to potential customers. We make your banner like every time your consumers click the banner, they will be taken to your website.